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Every effort has been made to select the best quality materials. It is getting increasingly harder to find good quality wood. That may seem "hard to believe", but most of the old growth lumber has been harvested years ago. Whenever possible, we will use older wood for its strength, and dimensional stability. We want our products to provide years of dependable service. Brian Lowery

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


If you have "fancy poultry" and you want them to arrive at the shows in
the best possible condition, this carrier may be what you are looking for.
A cardboard box might work, but is that what you want for your "blue
ribbon" birds?

I used the best materials that I could find, including old growth lumber, to
provide strength, light weight, and good looks. I also used joinery that you
find in furniture to make this carrier a "cut above" the rest. The picture
above shows the twin loading doors with solid brass hardware.

I prefer release gates, shown above, because it makes it so easy to transfer
your birds from the carrier to the show cages. Gates have touches of polished
walnut which adds weight to the bottom, and makes them close easier.

Finally, this carrier has a removable, lockable partition. When carrying a
trio of prized birds to the show it is often desirable to separate the male
from the females, and the partition does the job. If this is not necessary, it
is easy to remove.

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